Bryan Memorial Gallery
Bryan Memorial Gallery

Staff and Board of Directors


Mickey Myers
Executive Director

Tom Waters
Gallery Manager

Laurel Hammond
Gallery Assistant

Mylissa Kowalski Davis
Gallery Assistant

Marcie Vallette
Membership Manager & Graphic Designer

Board of DIrectors

Susan Lassiter

Alden T. Bryan

Marclay Davis

Fiona Cooper Fenwick

Chuck Henry

Diane M. Szlachetka

Julie Davis

Kathy Quimby Johnson

Andrew Orr

JoAnn Howard

Betsy Harper

Vicky Vautour
recording secretary

Bryan Memorial Gallery

Gallery Hours:
Winter*: Thur - Sun, 11-4
Closed Dec 31st - Feb 1st.
Closed April 1st - 30th
Spring/Fall: Thur – Sun: 11 – 4
Summer: Daily, 11 – 5
By appointment at any time
Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 10 – 4
Winter days from November to December are Thursday - Sunday.
February and March days are Friday - Sunday

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