Bryan Memorial Gallery
Bryan Memorial Gallery

List of Accepted Works

Below is a list of accepted submissions for Land & Light & Water & Air listed alphabetically by last name. If a piece is not listed here it was not accepted for this show by the jury.

Tom Adkins : Porch Light

Jim Aiken : Fall Breeze

Laurie Alberts : In the Northeast Kingdom

Elizabeth Allen : October Sky

Louise Arnold : Descent Into Fall

William Barkin : American Beauty - Broke Down Palace

Harry Bauld : East Putney Brook

Kathleen Berry Bergeron : Harbor Sunset

Annelein Beukenkamp : Lay of the Land

Todd Bezold : Big Spencer

Joey Bibeau : Sweeter Days

Jessica Bigaj : Ice on Mt. Wantastiquet

Terry Boyle : Plum Cove Grind, Lanesville Glouster, Ma.

Patti Braun : West Branch Sunset

Heidi Broner : Yellow Shirt

Dianne Burns : River Reverie

John Caggiano : In the Yards

John Caggiano : River View

Jeff Caira : Over The River

Steve Clark : Dad's Sailboats

James Coe : Mill Pond Pine

James Coe : Snow and Shadows on the Garden

Carol Dallas : Green Pastures

Monique Dewyea : Sparkling Spectacle

Gary Eckhart : Distant Meadows

Gary Eckhart : Waiting

Fiona Cooper Fenwick : Pumpkin Harvest

Jessica Fligg : Finding Peace

Richard Foster : First Snow

Susan Freeman : Low Tide Evening

Robert Furda : Northeast Rhythm

Susan Gilkey : Birch Grove

William Gotha : Ice Out

Mike Graves : Fall Color Along the River

Sara Gray : Last Light

Barbara L. Greene : Old Quarry

Cindy Griffith : Looking Up

Marian Guihan : Autumn at Misty Meadow

Tracey Hambleton : Summer Day Done

Bradley Hendershot : Blue Oar and Lobster Buoy

Bradley Hendershot : Junior's Place

Brian Hewitt : Wlloughby

Sandra Hildreth : Two Bridge Brook

Julia Kamenskikh : Forest Lake

Stapleton Kearns : Covered bridge at Belvidere, Vermont.

Katharine Krieg : Spring Thaw

William Lane : Has the Mail Come Yet?

Catherine LaPointe Vollmer : Stories

Susan Larkin : February Morning

Phil Laughlin : River Side

Dianne LaVallee : Summer in VT

Melanie Levitt : Spring on the Saco

Jack Liberman : Misty Meadows Sun Rise

Dawn Littlepage : Abundance

Daniel Lloyd-Miller : Brewster River Waterfall

Tristan MacDonald : Backlit Spring, Landgrove, VT

Susan MacDonald : Sweet Misery

Christian Magnani : Raquette River

Leo Mancini-Hresko : On the trout river

Sue Marion : Winter River

Mary S. Martin : In the Gloaming

Mary S. Martin : Valley Light

John MacDonald : Last Light

A.S. McGuffin : In Between

John Metruk : Red Mill Stream

Dianne T Moore : Up and Over - Concord Vt

Helen Nagel : Summer Daisies

Elizabeth Nelson : Galaxies

Jane K. Neroni : Guillemette Farm

T.M. Nicholas : Cold Hollow morning

John Clarke Olson : South Northfield Vt

Mathew Pardue : The Guardian of Mt. Philo

Christopher Pierce : August Morning Shade

Alla Potashnikova : Vermont Vista

David Pound : Sterling Brook

Peg Racine : February

Peg Racine : Sunset Farm

Dale Ratcliff : Twitching the log

James Rauchman : Snow Glare

James Rauchman : Tree of Knowledge

Michael Ridge : As Above, So Below

Susan Bull Riley : Ephemeral Splendor

Ken Rush : Dawn, Noon, Dusk

Ann Scott : Small Stream #4

Rosalie Sidoti : Evening Sentinels ll

Rosalie Sidoti : Night Light

Laurie Sigmund : Fuller Farm Shadows

Wendy Soliday : Dancing Waves

Andrea Stoehr : Paradise found

Caleb Stone : Autumn Morning Lighthouse Hill

Caleb Stone : winter Morning Rocky Neck

Susan Termyn : Arched Bridge

Eric Tobin : Foot Brook

Eric Tobin : The Lamoille Valley

Mark Tougias : A Touch of Autumn

Mark Tougias : Cape Sky

Judith Tuttle : North Wind

George Van Hook : Hilltop

George Van Hook : Spring Lane

Lynn VanNatta : Old Vermont Homestead

John Vazalinskas : Monhegan Sunset

Michael Walek : Clearing Skies

Michael Walek : Moosehead Islands

Tom Waters : Perfect Autumn Afternoon

Syndi White : Springtime on the Saco River

Nathaniel Williams : Interstate

Nathaniel Williams : Mobil

Robert Willman : Morning,East Boothbay Maine

Karen Winslow : Cows

Mikel Wintermantel : Secret Bog

Janet Marie Yeates : August Haze